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Save on Fuel Costs and Reach ROI Quickly

The Atomized FuelTM treatment process offers you significant extra mileage per tank.




Reduce Fuel Costs

Commercial Transport Trucks




* Results are based on nitrogen enriched gasoline and/or top tier detergent fuels, in a controlled environment, results will vary if any, as every engine has factors that determine its fuel efficiency during operation. Examples are speed, load, driver efficiency, road aspect, vehicle make, model, year, weather conditions and more.—ask for details.

Going green and protecting the environment has been one of our goals with our Atomized FuelTM program.  With the reduction in fuel consumption you will be making a contribution to protecting the environment by reducing carbon pollution. If our Atomized FuelTM process was fully implemented into vehicle standards, we would save more oil and reduce more tailpipe pollution than any other existing automotive program.    

With our treatment process, you will see a reduction in costs through: improved fuel economy; extended oil change intervals; reduced filter inventory; less downtime, reduced labor costs; increased engine longevity; and avoid the hassles and expense of storing and disposing used fuel/oil filters and used oil. 




Used and endorsed by some of the top award winning Best Green Fleets of North America as well as major commercial and government fleets for millions of trouble free miles.



Navistar, Cummins, Peterbilt, GM, Ford, Volvo, Mercedes…you name it! These cleanable and reusable filters are direct OE replacements for foreign and domestic trucks both Spin-on and Drop-in Cartridge Designs. The Patented (fully self-contained) Remote Filters are available for universal needs.




Our system helps fleet and plant managers meet strict environmental compliance regulations as well as their own Zero Waste goals. Reduced fuel and oil use, reduced emissions and reduced toxic disposal all add up to a cleaner environment for all of us.  

Fleet Experience

ATOMIZED FuelTM     Available For All Makes and Models

Environmentally Friendly

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