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microENERGY Automotive Dealership Trial

 Vehicle: 2014 Mercedes Benz 250GLKD

 Fuel: Esso Regular Diesel

 Mileage per fill up:7.4L/100km

 With the microENERGY Fuel Saver Installed: 6.0L/100km

 Driving habits: 20% city / 80% highway


After installing the microENEGY Fuel Saver: 6.0L/100km, 18.9% increase in fuel economy


I would like to thank Barry and Dave at MicroEnergy FuelSaver for involving me in the early trial of this new Fuel Saving product.I installed a single Fuel Saver device in my 2014 GLK 250d which is already pretty miserly on fuel. I did my original baseline run over a 1 month period to get a handle on what my normal consumption was.  My daily route is very consistent driving from Kitchener to Mississauga to and from the same locations. Here I achieved an average of 7.4 Ltr/100Klm.  I then installed the fuel saver (June 1st 2014) as suggested and began my long term trial.


Right away and within 2-3 tanks I achieved an increase in milage to 6.0 Ltr/100 Klm. Thats a 17.5 % increase over the stock vehicle. Truly a remarkable result considering how economical the 250d is right from the factory… This increase and fuel savings remained constant throughout the trial which ended Sept 2014.

Thanks again for the opportunity to be an early tester.  With these type of results I am sure mEFS will be a great success.



Paul Noble

Shop Foreman

Mercedes-Benz, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

" I am very pleased with the results of the microENERGY Fuel Saver. I was averaging 14 miles to the gallon in my 2012 Altima. After using the microENERGY Fuel Saver, I am now averaging 17.9 miles to the gallon and up to 24 miles to the gallon on the highway. That is over 30% savings. At the present gas prices I'm happy with the savings."

Tony Hines, Tampa, FL


Dear Mr. DaSilva,

We have been using the microENERGY Fuel Saver product in our commercial delivery trucks since March 2014. All our delivery trucks are class 7 and use Husky and/or Pioneer diesel fuel throughout the year.  I must admit that at first we at OCC were all skeptical as there hasn't been a true fuel saver device that has worked for us in the past. When we installed the fuel saver into our diesel tanks, it was simple and only took 5 minutes.  As a courier company, our routes are predetermined and total km is consistent, I averaged 715km on a fuel tank before installing this product.  After installation I noticed an increase in total km per tank within the first 4-5 fill ups, I started averaging 820km per tank, that's a 14.6% increase!


What's more impressive is that the performance has been increasing ever since, as of today I'm now averaging 880km per tank, that's a 23% increase in just over a year of usage.  The amount of fuel that we have saved has allowed OCC to compete and win new business as our operating expenses have dropped due to the microENERGY Fuel Saver.  Being competitive and maintaining our customer base is now easier due to reduced fuel consumption while now promoting green driving.  

I would highly recommend the microENERGY Fuel Saver, once again, its amazing product that will benefit the environment and reduce fuel consumption.


Scott Roberts

President, On Course Courier, Ontario, Canada 

" I am a Minister of a great church here in Louisiana and have to make frequent trips to Florida and California. I put this device in my car and noticed an immediate increase in mileage per gallons. I went from getting 30.1 miles per gallon on the highway to getting 35.5 mpg. By using your product, I am saving money for me and my church."  

Rev. Clyde Lewis  Bethel Metropolitan Church

" With Fuel prices always increasing, the microENERGY Fuel Saver helps us reduce our operating costs. Our average km per tank has now increased by 15%, it’s amazing how the microENERGY Fuel Saver works!  "  


Danny D., Tellus Construction, Ontario, Canada  

" We have saved $398.00 in fuel costs during this period using discounted diesel and not fuels that you recommended. We believe that using premium fuels you are suggesting would take us to 7mpg and save an additional $54.00 per month even with the big price discrepancy between the discounted and suggested fuels."

Eric Carusi, TPT Systems Inc., Canada



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